Drone for greenhouses reduces crop losses

The horticultural sector is innovative, but even the most modern greenhouses still suffer up to 25% loss of crops due to pests and diseases. ADI has been developing a cutting-edge Greenhouse Drone over the last 3 years to increase the productivity of greenhouses.

This autonomous flying high resolution drone aims at reducing crop losses, through superior high frequency scouting. Our precise localization technology which allows co-location of various sensor data gathered over the entire crop growth period. The cooperation with multiple local greenhouses allows for quick practical feedback, resulting in efficient development cycles.

William Simmonds (CEO) and Lucien Fesselet (CTO), the founders, have received several prizes and are now discussing the first commercial project with customers.

The founders on the help of IDEA:

“IDEA has been a great choice for us. The consultancy provided helped us move forward in difficult times, it pointed in the right applications for grants and more crucially, ensured a validated customer segment. All in all, we would not be where we are today without IDEA!”

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